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Brand Story

femi is the first ever body care treatment brand in Hong Kong created exclusively for the use of women, providing special care for uterine health and private parts. Females have been experiencing the uncomfortable feelings of menstruation and bearing the pain on a monthly basis ever since adolescence. Females are also prone to vaginal muscle loss issues; hence, femi provides body treatments in Hong Kong like traditional Chinese medicine, abdominal massage, pelvic restoration, acupuncture, uterine warming, Virginal Gym, and so on. The treatment is professional and customizable for any stage of women to help them recuperate our lifetime partner, the uterus.

Healthiness is a sign of charisma when the uterus is taken good care of.

Medicine Healing

Combining traditional Chinese medicine, massage, and singing bowl therapy, we address discomfort associated with menstrual cycles and prevent early uterine aging with body care treatment. With a relaxed and focused approach, we tackle the three major issues faced by women.

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Private parts muscle treatment - to stimulate collagen and elastic protein hyperplasia with monocular radio frequency and ultrasound. Making the inner muscle regain firmness and smoothness of the skin improves urine penetration and vaginal relaxation; on the outer side, a tight private contour locks the water for private skin, stimulates the regeneration of collagen, restores skin elasticity, and regains pink tenderness.

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Tighten Vagina

  • Restore firmness and moisture

  • Increase elasticity

  • Enhance sexual satisfaction

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Vulva Reshaping

  • Smoothing vulva wrinkles

  • Achieving a fair and rosy complexion

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Combat Urinary Leakage

  • Strengthen muscle control & elasticity

Tummy Spa

Our femi health consultant offers exceptional personalized body treatments in Hong Kong. They will carefully analyze and evaluate your needs to provide you with a customized experience. The treatment begins with the application of wormwood essential oil during the massage, accompanied by hot stone uterus warming and far infrared treatment. These techniques improve blood circulation, alleviate stomach bloating and constipation, nourish the uterus, and promote a sense of calm. Following each treatment, you will be served Wu Xing soup, which helps strengthen both your body and mind.

This body care treatment is suitable for women of all ages and aims to maintain uterine health and prevent gynecological diseases. Regardless of your age, it is crucial to prioritize your well-being, achieve a healthy body, radiant skin, and vibrant vitality. Take the opportunity to book a consultation with us and experience the rejuvenating benefits of our body treatment in Hong Kong today.



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Hellohello femi!! 多謝你哋!! 啲M終於啱翻晒時間😭🥲 之前唔敢着白色褲,每次企起身第一件事就係望吓張凳,依家終於唔使提心吊膽了 thanks Femi and crystal❤️

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expat mama

Thank you femi for your treatment and care during my darkest time. Tried every single way of getting a child but it just didn't work...until I met femi. Only half year with the brand and now I'm in my first trimester! Will definitely share Femi to friends and family  x

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